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"I have consulted with Imre about the processing of my questionnaire for my doctoral thesis. His professional guidance and suggestions provided me with great help in statistical analysis, and he helped to significantly improve the quality of my analyses with his methodological advice."

István Pesti
Győr, Hungary


"While studying for my PhD and working as a university professor I needed to acquire knowledge in the areas of research methodology, statistics and the use of the SPSS program. I found Imre Lénárt to be the ideal teacher who passed this knowledge on in a personalized, comprehensible and flexible way. As a solution to the distance issue, we had lessons via Skype on a weekly basis.
In my opinion, even as a mature adult it can be rewarding to start something new in a modern way.
For me, the tutoring and the certainty of knowing I could ask for additional help at any time was perfect.”

Ágnes Bornemisza
university professor, PhD student PTE ETK


“I needed to update my knowledge of statistics and excel at my previous job, which is why I found Imre through an internet search. Imre's lessons turned out to have given me an even greater insight into the field of statistics than I had initially hoped for. In the meantime, I left my previous job for a much better paying one, where I would have been in trouble the very first day, had it not been for the knowledge I acquired from Imre. So for me, it’s safe to say that it was absolutely worth signing up for and I highly recommend that you do the same, may your level be complete beginner or advanced!”

Budapest, Hungary


"Mr. Lénárt is a great teacher in statistics as I found him to be able to translate the complicated vocabulary of the statistics into simple understandable English. 
I found him to be able to take it in a slow tempo and not rush through all my questions. As he also provides me with alternative answers and examples for me to understand each statistical problem. He is also available on email to answer any further questions about statistics and attaches outputs and excel files to properly show the methods he used. 
It has been a pleasure to be his student."

Naomi Felege
Stockholm, Sweden


"I asked Imre to help me in preparing key analysis. We did a clear, fast and excellent job in a flexible way suiting my needs and personality in a matter of days. In view of the above, I would like to recommend it to anyone and give my personal guarantee for Imre's qualities."

Ibolya Jagodics
Budapest, Hungary

"I found Imre through the internet on the day of my SPSS exam deadline, in great desperation. He was very helpful, we met that same day, and with his help I managed to successfully complete and submit my assignment, and meet the midnight deadline. He makes an effort to teach in a quite understandable and fun way, using language easily understood by young adults. I can definitely recommend!"

Pálma Horváth
Budapest, Hungary


"Imre is a friendly and helpful teacher with a soothing personality, who, of course, also has a deep understanding of his profession. I have learned a lot from him while effortlessly building my self-confidence in statistics. I can highly recommend him for everyone!"

Budapest, Hungary


“Perfectly prepared and flexible with time.
In short, that’s how I would describe Imre, who has provided me with efficient help in creating Excel spreadsheets. He was able to quickly assess the tasks at hand, which for him – as opposed to me – did not cause any challenges. Although I found his ad by chance, he has proved to be a very good choice. I highly recommend.”

Attila Kádár
Budapest, Hungary

"Imre provided great help for me in the statistical parts of my thesis. The lessons were fun and enjoyable, but not at the expense of professional competence. It was also very helpful for me that I was able to call Imre at any time I got stuck while writing, and he patiently explaining everything to me."

Budapest, Hungary


"He taught the material in a comprehensible way, if I had a question he answered it in detail. I particularly liked that at the end of the lesson he asked me about the material we went through and if I didn’t know the answer to something he would summarize it for me once again. I think the lesson was excellent, I would gladly recommend him to anyone who needs some help understanding something or wants to review the material and talk it over with someone."

Réka Szabó
Szeged, Hungary


"After a lengthy search for a private tutor and several unsuccessful attempts with other one-to-one teachers, in the midst of panic and despair, one of my classmates recommended Imre to me, who had previously successfully prepared me for one of the most difficult subjects of the Decision Theory exam. Imre immediately responded to my e-mail, looked through the tons of material I sent him and was immediately willing to work with me. Basically, he had to explain a full university course to me from the basics in 1.5 weeks, which I had previously thought I would never understand, but Imre cleared things up for me very quickly in a way I understood and after this I was able to work independently on my own as well. We revised the huge amount of material very quickly, and sometimes he was available to help me even at 10 o'clock in the evening helping me do the exercises. In addition, he taught the theoretical background of the curriculum in a simple, understandable way, which led me to master a confident knowledge and finally to earn a mark beyond my expectations on the exam.
Imre has fantastic professional knowledge, is very helpful and patient, I can recommend him to everyone."

Budapest, Hungary


"Imre Lénárt was recommended by a friend who helped to prepare the statistical analysis needed for the research results of my thesis. I have come to know him as a very helpful, patient, professionally prepared person. I can tell you that, in preparing my thesis, he has provided me with essential help and has contributed to the excellent qualification of my thesis with his outstanding work."

Nagy Ferenc,
Kecskemét, Hungary


"As an old schooler I do not believe in online education, but Imre has managed to get past this smoothly, teaches in a clearly understandable way, I asked him for help with my statistical studies. He quickly and smoothly, delivered my expectations at scheduled times from thousands of kilometers away. I strongly recommend him to everyone!"

Sydney, Australia


"I feel fortunate that Imre, in my seemingly hopeless situation, even on a public holiday was willing to help me. With his help my questionnaire analysis, which was a part of my thesis, was solved using SPSS method. His professional competence is outstanding. His lessons were enjoyable and meaningful due to his direct and friendly attitude. Throughout the analysis, each step was supported by professional reasoning, instead of just finding a quick solution to the current problem. It is reassuring to know that if I ever get stuck again with statistics, Excel or SPSS in the future, I already know who to turn to. Thank you."

Budapest, Hungary


“Very helpful and explains everything in detail, several times if need be, in case you don't understand something. He has provided great help for me in completing my Master's thesis, and in addition, he is fast and precise. Furthermore, for me it was an added bonus that after I finished writing the evaluation at home, I was able to send it to him for verification and he corrected any mistakes I may have made. I can highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of this kind of help.”

Gábor K.
Budapest, Hungary


"I really enjoyed my private lessons in statistics with him. His extremely calm nature had a very positive effect on me and made learning easier. Things I didn't understand he would even demonstrate with drawings. The most difficult part of the subject for me was that after I translated the problem into the language of mathematics, I needed to interpret the results correctly. Imre helped me a lot with this, he kept practising the interpretations with me until it became absolutely clear for me what was what.
I am extremely grateful. Not only did he make me like statistics, but I also became a happy owner of a 99% Corvinus University statistics exam."

Nikolett Somogyi
Budapest, Hungary


“Imre is a very well-prepared teacher who tries to pass on his knowledge in a way that helps you really understand.
What I would really like to emphasize is that he tried to solve all tasks in the shortest time possible, and worked in a cost-efficient way.”

Budapest, Hungary


“I am grateful for Imre’s help. I contacted him regarding the statistics involved in my Master's thesis, based on the recommendations of friends. He is very kind, direct, and his research based thinking especially helped our collaborative work flow quickly and smoothly. I received answers in full to all questions raised, as well as some advice regarding the defense of my thesis. He has an extensive knowledge of the necessary programs and in addition, is able to explain things in such a way that helps you better understand the trials and tests, justifications and the different steps in the process, even if you are less familiar with statistics!”

Anna Köteles
Budapest, Hungary


"Intelligent, open-minded, creative. If you ask me, I'm a walking and talking live ad for The lessons were never boring and I improved with each lesson. Both as a teacher and as a person I give him a 10."

Sopron, Hungary


"Very practical and clear, easy to understand lessons. I’m learning a lot. I highly recommend."

Kálmán Kocsis
Budapest, Hungary


“He is a flexible, well-prepared and helpful teacher. During the lessons it was evident that he has great knowledge and would like to pass this on, so as to ensure I complete my exam as successfully as possible. During the lessons, he was able to answer questions immediately. The lessons started promptly and even at the end he wasn’t incessantly checking the time. Overall, my experience has been positive, and I strongly recommend him to others.”

Budapest, Hungary


"I am very grateful that Imre immediately responded to my enquiry and helped me solve my problem in such a short time frame.
In spite of the pressing deadline, he immediately saw the problem and helped in an utmost way with his outstanding expertise and compassion."

Budapest, Hungary

"Very reliable and strives for efficiency. If I didn’t understand something then he explained the task patiently and from several different viewpoints. As I am a visual person, what really won me over was that, when possible, I would also get a drawing to help with interpretation. After meeting with him I successfully completed my exam on the first try."

Dániel Baranyai
Budapest, Hungary


“Imre helps solve problems as if they were his own and as if he were the one being evaluated by the referee’s report, not the student. Due to this attitude, I really enjoyed working together with him. Thanks to him, we have access to professional knowledge that would take several months to acquire. I strongly recommend him to anyone who needs to analyze and interpret their research data via SPSS program.”

Budapest, Hungary

"There are two things I look at when I contemplate becoming a returning client for a service such as this: sympathy and professionalism. With Imre I found both. I needed to collate some data necessary for my work from several different Excel files and then update them on a daily basis. With his assistance, I managed to create a complex file which has been used for the production planning of a company ever since."

Ádám Deli
Veszprém, Hungary


“I am studying psychology in a distance learning program, and we’ve studied statistics over the course of several semesters. As I study remotely, I felt completely lost in statistics exercises and assignments, so I was looking for a private teacher. I found Imre through an advertisement on the internet, and he provided immediate help for me before the exam. A couple of lessons were enough for me to be able to succeed and give me a solid base for further statistics requirements. Imre is a confident, enthusiastic teacher, who obviously loves what he does.”

Budapest, Hungary


“I asked for help with statistics because I could not attend a few of my regular lessons. He helped a ton in my preparation for the exam and played a huge role in me getting the second highest mark for my final grade for the semester in statistics! Imre is helpful, patient and very good at explaining things. I strongly recommend him to everyone!”

László Kiss
Beled, Hungary

"I contacted Imre to help me update my knowledge of statistics. He was able to very quickly see where my shortcomings were and within a few sessions I managed to get back my previously acquired knowledge. Imre is very precise, patient, and his lessons are always easy to follow. If you get stuck in statistics or mathematics, I highly recommend seeking out Imre's help."

Budapest, Hungary


“I first sought out Imre’s help regarding the subject of statistics, for which Due to my prior negative experiences in mathematics I was in need of both technical and slightly therapeutic support. Imre knew exactly how much help to give, when to give it and when to just simply encourage me to find the solution. During our lessons I also came to the steady realization that I am not completely lost in this area; in fact, by the second semester I really enjoyed the exercises, which is something never in my wildest dreams had I hoped for before. This was just a “by-product” of our lessons, in addition to going from the “OMG, I'm going to fail!” state to getting the highest mark (A). At this point, I wouldn’t even panic anymore if I were to drift towards mathematical areas again throughout my studies.”

Kitti Takács
Budapest, Hungary


"I utilized Imre's help in the statistical analysis of my thesis. We were able to talk about everything and he had some unique and quite useful insights. It was also a great advantage that he was available at any given time, which was very important due to tight schedules and short deadlines. I highly recommend to anyone with similar problems!"

Miskolc, Hungary


"Imre is a great teacher, he is readily available and flexible. I asked for his help with university IT.
His explanations are easy to understand, and he uses great examples to teach the given task and makes it so easy to learn in this way. He has helped me a lot and I can really recommend him to anyone who wants to be well-prepared."

Fruzsina Rapavi
Budapest, Hungary


“During my MSc and MA studies, I had been to several statistics teachers. Imre was the most professional one.”

Budapest, Hungary