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Imre Lenart Gabor Pete

The two of us – Imre Lenart and Gabor Pete – founded of Lenart and Pete LLC a company based on AI analysis. After a decade of teaching mathematics-statistics, analysis, and modelling at several universities, Imre Lenart spent ten years at leading US multinational financial corporations (such as MSCI and Morgan Stanley) and the Central Bank of Hungary. Building on this experience, he has been successfully running his own business for five years providing consulting and research services using mathematical and statistical models. He is currently working also on his PhD thesis, which focuses on the use of artificial intelligence methods for deep analysis. The other founder – Gabor Pete – is not only a partner in our firm, but he has a wealth of knowledge and 20 years of experience in financial investment, business strategy and systems planning. Together, they make a great team to provide you with the best service. 

How can we help you? We put the power of Big Data and AI at your service!

Big Data and AI are intrinsically linked: Big Data provides vast amounts of information for AI algorithms to learn from, enhancing their decision-making and predictive capabilities. Simultaneously, AI facilitates Big Data analytics, making sense of complex, unstructured datasets. This symbiosis allows businesses to gain valuable insights, optimize operations, and create personalized user experiences, revolutionizing industry, commerce, and service.
Our company is pleased to offer innovative AI solutions tailored to drive your business success. Our advanced AI systems enables precise demand forecasting, analyzing your stock levels, production capabilities, and logistics data to optimize resource allocation and inventory management, supporting Just-in-Time methodologies, and preventing stock-outs so you always have exactly the stock you need. All while considering regional and seasonal characteristics such as peak periods, special events and seasonal effects.

  • Forecasting

Our models can segment your customer base, understand their specific needs, and help you tailor your marketing strategies. We use artificial intelligence to predict customer churn, so you can proactively engage and retain your users. They can also generate personalized product recommendations for customers, increasing sales revenue.
Based on written customer reviews and feedback, our system can identify trends in customer sentiment and analyze them to highlight strengths and weaknesses, even by customer group. 
Artificial intelligence can optimize workforce allocation in several ways. First, predictive analytics can enable accurate forecasting of labor demand and efficient recruitment plans. Second, AI automates routine tasks, freeing up human resources for more complex jobs. Third, AI ensures that tasks are allocated based on individual competencies, maximizing productivity. Finally, AI supports the real-time adjustment of workforce allocation, adapting quickly and efficiently to unexpected changes in demand.

  • Scenario analysis

By creating and analyzing different scenarios, companies can be prepared to respond effectively to different situations. For example, a company wants to plan its budget for the coming year. Different scenarios can be considered. For example, a no change in supplier prices, a 10% or 20% increase in supplier prices. Or even a decrease, no change or increase in market share. It is also possible to model combinations of these. Based on the analysis, the company can plan its budget accordingly.
Scenario analysis allows you to anticipate and prepare for different possible outcomes. Its real power lies not in modelling the different outcomes of a single event, but in simulating the combined outcomes of two, three or even more events, finding the optimum point(s) that will give you the information you need to make the best decision for your business, avoiding threats and maximizing opportunities.

  • Crisis management

There may be times when your company underperforms, your share price falls, and you don’t understand what is happening. You can count on us. We will uncover uncertainties, dig deep into your business, diagnose problems, and offer comprehensive solutions. Our goal is not just recovery, but also to get your business back on a growth path.

  • Data Visualization

The most thorough analysis, the most accurate forecast, is not worth much if it is not presented properly. Of course, we can offer you a solution to that too. 
Using data visualization techniques, we can create an interactive dashboard that gives you a comprehensive picture of any aspect of your business. AI algorithms can analyse sales data, calculate trends, patterns, and correlations between different factors; identify specific customer groups and their characteristics; analyse how each department or even individual employees in your company are performing through KPIs. And BI systems present these results to you in a user-friendly way, so you can quickly grasp key insights and make informed decisions.
An AI-based dashboard allows users to interact with the data, drill down into specific details and explore different dimensions of the data. Users can filter the data based on specific criteria, such as selecting a region, time period or product category, and observe corresponding changes in visualizations in real time. This allows them to make data-driven decisions, identify areas for improvement and optimize their sales strategies.
AI-powered visualizations enable companies to quickly understand complex data, reducing the time spent on manual analysis and enabling faster decision-making.

Our services, backed by state-of-the-art mathematical-statistical and artificial intelligence methods, will help you optimize your business processes, understand and prepare for various future opportunities and threats, detect market needs and trends so that you are never caught by surprise and your business performs at its best.
Choosing Lenart and Pete LLC means choosing a partnership that is committed to your success. We are not just good at what we do; we are the best. With us on your side, your business is not only ready to succeed, but also destined to succeed. Join us and let's shape the future of your business together!